40 Vending Machines.

That's a lot of snacks. And those snacks, dispensed by machines across our campuses, provide a delicious pick-me-up that is always welcome. And while these crunchy chips and sweet confections are quickly consumed, our students know that the delightful combination of letters and numbers that results in an instant snack is also dispensing real-life learning opportunities.


Supply Chain Management - Global

School of Business

The students in our Supply Chain Management - Global program. They are studying inbound and outbound supply chain logistics, meaning they could be the key to finding faster and more efficient ways to make sure the snacks are getting to each and every vending machine - satisfying every craving.

Food Processing Technician

Hospitality & Culinary Arts

The students in the Food Processing Technician program know that filling a vending machine starts with creating a long list of ingredients to make all of the delicious treats, but it doesn't stop there. You might think that Food Processing involves just the creation of the foods that go into the vending machine. And while that's a big part of the knowledge these students are picking up, they are also learning about the actual machines used in both the production and dispensation of food.

Students take a Drawing and Schematics course which focuses on learning to read engineering schematics to aid in the building, rebuilding and maintenance of equipment and machinery. This knowledge is important because if you have ever seen inside a food vending machine, you understand that it can be pretty complicated. With Conestoga students learning techniques to create and process the food that goes into the machines as well as gaining an understanding of how that food is dispensed into hungry hands and mouths, means we are poised to keep hungry mouths happy well into the future.