1st year, Graphic Design


Say hello to Kirsten.

She is one of our newest ambassadors.

Kirsten is all about balance. She balances two jobs, her social life, and school. She appreciates good balance in the ratio between sauce and chicken wing. And as a graphic design student, she definitely appreciates the balance between text and white space on this very web page.

She claims the dolphin as her spirit animal. Which is puzzling, as we can’t figure out how they balance in the water with those tiny little flipper fins.

A lover of country music, this ambassador hopes that she can give you a balanced analysis of why you should come to Conestoga. And if that doesn’t work, she can use her design skills to produce a killer slide deck that will definitely set you over the edge.

When she’s not using her Mac to change the world one aesthetically pleasing design at a time, she can be found watching her go-to movie, The Parent Trap, and wondering what the world would be like if there was two Lindsay Lohans.