3rd year, Business Administration - Marketing


This is Jaime.

Jaime is one of our social media ambassadors.

Jaime is a small-town girl. According to her, this means she likes country music. According to us, it means she’s living in a lonely world, and she’ll take the midnight train going anywhere.

She is really excited to journey with you. And she wants you to never stop believing that, according to a friend (who is also from a small town), you should never let people or things take up space in your head rent-free.

Jaime says she is a fan of movies from the ‘80s. Especially Dirty Dancing. For those who don’t know what that is, apparently it’s a type of dancing that smells of wine and cheap perfume. We think. We would have to look it up.

An avid fan of potatoes of all kinds, when she’s not listening to her favourite Podcasts, she can be found walking down the boulevard (of which there is only one in her small town).