1st Year, Bachelor of Business Administration - Accounting, Audit & Information Technology


Meet Erika. She is a PC who used to be a Mac.

She’s also our new social media ambassador.

The only ambassador on a first-name basis with the Duke of Edinburgh, she uses that fact to inspire those around her to be awesome. (We once saw Prince Harry on a bus downtown. At least we think it was him. So there’s that.)

An epic salad connoisseur, who hails from the Kitchener-Waterloo area, Erika wants you to know that it’s never ok to eat a Cobb salad after Labour Day.

While working towards her daily 60,000 step goal (and trying to talk over the clang of her bronze and silver Duke of Edinburgh International Award medals), she’s giving you the best salad-buying advice she can while she works her part-time job at a local grocers establishment.

She often talks about the time she spends with her friends, but between getting in her daily steps, her friendship with the duke, and her borderline obsessive salad consumption, we find that hard to believe.