1st Year, Bachelor of Business Administration - International Business Management


Say hello to Aaliyah.

Aaliyah is one of the newest members of our Social Media Ambassador team.

We asked her to describe herself in one word. She said bubbly, outspoken, optimistic, and social. By our count, that’s four words and we might say she has trouble understanding the definition of one.

More importantly, she wants to help. She wants to help you with your transition to college life. And, she can definitely help you come up with multiple words to describe yourself.

Before coming to Conestoga, she claims to have been employed as a part-time teller at TD Bank. Which involves counting. Which is ironic, considering what just happened at the beginning of this bio.

She’s an avid gym-goer, working out two or three times per week to relieve the stress of school. Sources say this climbs to 45 to 50 times per week during exams. On the plus side, she’s able to maintain a 7 beats-per-minute resting heart rate.

We’ve met her and if we could use one word to describe her it would be approachable, funny, composed, and well-spoken.