13,632 Light Bulbs.

That's a lot of light. But that is the number of light bulbs in program spaces across our campus that are required to keep the bright minds at Conestoga focused on the future.

And, while these everyday objects can be easily overlooked, Conestoga students see these objects of Edison's ingenuity as an opportunity for innovation.

Sustainable Business Management

School of Business

The students in Sustainable Business Management understand how to run a business that keeps the lights on, and how to do it in a sustainable way.

They spend time in courses that focus on cultural change and sustainability in a business environment. In fact, one of their courses is called Cultural Change and Engagement for Sustainability and this course focuses on teaching our students how to develop corporate plans for sustainability by drilling right down to the psychology of what drives corporate change. By looking at practices like Sustainability Culture GAP Assessments and Employee Needs Assessment Surveys, these students are well-poised to drive positive corporate change, with an emphasis on sustainability.

Talk about a great way to keep the lights on in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way.


Bachelor of Engineering - Power Systems Engineering

School of Engineering & Technology

Students taking our Bachelor of Engineering - Power Systems Engineering are decidedly on the business end when it comes to keeping the lights on.

Focused squarely on the diverse and evolving electrical power sector, these students understand what it takes to make those bulbs burn bright. In fact, they spend time studying power transmission and distribution, studying everything from the electrical and mechanical characteristics of transmission lines and substation arrangements, all the way to smart metering techniques and the data it generates.

Rest assured that Conestoga engineering students are poised to keep your lights on well into the future.