1,136 Clocks.

They're everywhere. We all look at them multiple times a day. And it's no secret that these number-based measuring devices are key to driving our daily schedules.

However, we rarely have the time to stop and consider how clocks actually structure our lives. While many of us would love to find a way to make the time they measure move backwards or even stand still, the students at Conestoga are using the clock and its measurement of time in a variety of innovative ways.

Computer Programming and Analysis

Applied Computer Science & IT

The students in Computer Programming and Analysis know the concept of time is important because it relates to key areas in programming and analysis.

Our students take an entire course dedicated to business intelligence, and time plays a role in that course. The students sift through historical business data to assist them with data visualization techniques, online analytical processing, along with data mining practices. Time is also a tool that helps students develop their skills in predictive, descriptive and prescriptive analytics. That's intelligence in every sense of the word.

Tourism - Destinations and Travel Management

Hospitality & Culinary Arts

Time is literally a factor for students in the Tourism - Destinations and Travel Management program.

These future planners of all things relaxation and leisure learn how to plan travel and tours that maximize both your time spent at a destination and your enjoyment when you get there. Through research and a specialized technical application of geographical knowledge, the students are learning to create the ideal tour experience for a variety of travel profiles.

There's no doubt as a future client, you will definitely be thanking them for that extra time for fun in the sun!

Women in Skilled Trades - Carpentry Pre-Apprenticeship

Trades & Apprenticeship

For students in the Women in Skilled Trades - Carpentry Pre-Apprenticeship program, time is essential to honing their skills in the carpentry trade.

Students spend 34 weeks learning essential skills in carpentry and working with a variety of tools on different building projects. Not only that, our students are introduced to a variety of complementary skills, including valuable career planning practices in the Employment Strategies, Communications and Computers course. The time spent learning skills in the shop and in the classroom translate to a lifetime of fulfilment in the working world.