28,400 Chairs.

These ubiquitous objects are no doubt one of the most well-used pieces of furniture in any setting. Available in countless shapes, styles, and sizes, chairs are ingrained in our daily lives.

They are something that we look forward to after a long day of being on our feet. They are often the go-to when we are connecting with others, and they can (literally) support us when we do our best creative work. And while the idea of chairs has been around for about as long as we have had the need to sit down, the students at Conestoga are taking opportunities to revolutionize this indispensable piece of furniture and how it is used.

Computer Systems Technician - Infrastructure and Services

Applied Computer Science & IT

Students in our Computer Systems Technician - Infrastructure and Services program know that technical innovation requires support. When it comes to developing the next great innovation in ergonomic chair design, clients increasingly rely on computer technology to connect all of their operations, regardless of where they are in the world.

Our students come ready with a unique set of skills developed through a variety of specialized courses and projects developed with innovation in mind. Like the course in Information Technology Management Service Fundamentals. This course helps students understand the unique needs of each client they will work with in order to provide them with the insight to build and nurture a technological relationship that will help their client rise to the top of their innovation game. So one day, when you sit down, know that Conestoga students might have had a part in making sure your seat is as comfortable as possible.

Event Management

Hospitality & Culinary Arts

For the students in our Event Management program, chairs are literally a part of what they do. Understanding floor plans, how to use space effectively and how to use that space to accommodate large groups of people is integral to their program.

Our students spend lots of time finding exciting and innovative ways to host events, and they study the types of venues needed to support their visions. One of the courses students take is called Exhibition and Sporting Events. In this course, students learn a variety of skills that are essential for hosting large events, including site selection and site plan development. Considering most of these venues are built to house extremely large events, that's a lot of chairs for these future event planning professionals to think about.

Bachelor of Engineering - Electronic Systems Engineering

Engineering & Technology

Chairs play an important role for students in our Bachelor of Engineering - Electronics Systems Engineering program - a room full of chairs, in fact.

That's because students in this degree program move beyond the electronics lab and spend time studying group dynamics in the aptly named Group Dynamics course. Sitting together, students study effective strategies to work on as well as lead teams in their future workplaces. They cover essential skills like conflict management, problem-solving, and the ability to work with a variety of personalities. This means that these future electronic wizards are not only benefitting their companies with innovations in the lab, but they are also poised to lead it into the future.