31,599 Backpacks.

Most of us have used a backpack for a good chunk of our lives. And while these zippered bundles of cloth and nylon can carry a weekend full of fun times or a bundle of late-night study sessions, we often don't give them a second thought.

But at Conestoga, students in our programs are using these bags as more than just a utilitarian fashion statement.

Welding Techniques - Metal Fabrication (Apprenticeship)

Trades & Apprenticeship

To the uninitiated, welding and backpacks have nothing in common. But, when students in our Welding Techniques - Metal Fabrication (Apprenticeship) program aren't making sparks fly in the shop, they're learning practical theory on a variety of welding topics - and backpacks are helping bring the content to life.

When the students are examining concepts related to shipping completed projects in their Shipment Preparation course, years of packing their bags full of projects and books is definitely coming in handy. This is because, as they discuss innovative and cost-effective ways to ship large-scale welding projects to clients, they are able to relate their knowledge of maximizing space for books and projects in their backpacks and apply that knowledge to real-life, large-scale projects.

The game of backpack Tetris has never been more fun than when you're playing it with metal.

Bachelor of Communications Management (Formerly Public Relations)


Backpacks are an eye-catching form of personal expression. Whether through design, colours or patterns, backpacks can definitely help their owner stand out. Thankfully, students in our Bachelor of Communications Management program are developing the skills to help companies get their unique designs in front of customers.

One of their classes is called Introduction to Visual Communication, and it is about making sure these future public relations gurus help new backpacks go from store shelves to school hallways and beyond through a curated mix of design and marketing materials. Finding unique ways to combine photographs, colour, and typography to create effective communications, our students are graduating with backpacks full of valuable public relations tools.